Prefabricated wooden houses – why are they becoming more and more popular?

The resurgence of timber in residential construction is a growing trend around the world. The aim is also to increase the use of wooden structures in high-rise construction. Prefabricated wooden houses are a step towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly construction.

Wood is environmentally friendly because it is a natural and renewable building material. After their recycling, wooden structures can be reused, which is especially important when designing buildings in accordance with the principles of the circular economy. In addition, the choice of wooden constructions and the proper planning of the construction process make it easier to meet the requirements of the highest A++ energy efficiency class currently required for all new residential buildings. When building an A++ energy class house, at least 50 per cent of the energy in the building must be produced from renewable energy sources.

Wooden constructions are also valued for their other advantages – lightweight, exceptional insulation, and easy to process and install. These constructions are quite universal and can be used in the construction of both individual houses and various farm buildings – warehouses, saunas. Also, not only panel-frame houses, but also modular houses are built from a wooden frame.

 Scandinavian house projects

Over many years of designing and building houses in Norway, we have developed a unique construction practice that combines Scandinavian quality and modern construction. What makes Scandinavian houses stand out? They have fascinating aesthetics and versatility, and they are built to withstand rather harsh climatic conditions and conform with the practical habits of the population. Quick-built frame houses are the right solution for combining home economy, thermal insulation, design and the increasingly intense rhythm of contemporary life.

Universal prefabricated wooden houses, the price of which corresponds to quality, is the goal of every future settler, but we recommend that you look at different types of prefabricated houses and self-assess your needs before planning construction. The construction case of each house is unique, some of them are more suitable for Scandinavian style, others for modern or even traditional style houses.

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