Logi prefab company offers a wide range of products, including modular houses, panel-frame houses, saunas, various small architectural structures. Each structure is designed and constructed in accordance with the provisions of the Construction Technical Regulation and our established polices of good practice. We are focused on the highest quality and sustainability – our panels and frame houses are made of wooden frame, complying with A+, A++ energy efficiency class. They are extremely quick to manufacture and assemble, so you no longer having to wait long months for a house to be built.

A tradition that combines with modern construction is reflected in each of our structures.

Product category

Panel-frame houses

Logi Prefab panel-frame houses for those who want to build a high-quality, sustainable and energy-efficient house quickly. These houses are assembled in just 1-2 days from panels already manufactured in the factory. Rational production process and extremely precise constructions will ensure precise implementation of the house project. Scandinavian quality enables you to enjoy the aesthetics of the building and the long-lasting operation of the building

Modular houses

Logi Prefab modular houses transform the concept of traditional architecture. They are built from separate, pre-assembled and almost fully equipped modules. These modules can be combined to implement standard and complex architecture projects. Customers can choose from existing house projects or create an individual project. The modules are made of wooden frame, environmentally friendly materials are used in the construction

Prefabricated wooden panels

We produce various wooden panels for the implementation of your projects – exterior or interior wall panels, ceiling or roof panels. The panels we produce are environmentally friendly and have their own technological properties – they are made of a wooden frame filled with stone wool. The panels are manufactured according to the customer’s project or the project can be prepared by our experienced architects and engineers.

Small architecture

We produce various elements of small architecture – saunas, small farm structures, storage rooms, benches, raised-bed gardening, pet houses, sets of benches and tables and other products that enhance your home environment. Each modular house or other product is made to customer order. We design and manufacture products of individual size, various colors and shapes.