Small architecture

Logi Prefab products are intended not only for home builders, but also for those who want to take care of their well-being. We produce various elements of small architecture – saunas, storage rooms, benches, bed enclosures, pet houses, benches and table sets and other products that decorate the environment. A frame garage or shed can also be produced for comfortable storage of the car or bicycles. Small architecture – designed to decorate the landscape around the house, to create cozy and functional courtyard areas.

Each modular house or other product is made to customer order. We design and manufacture products of individual size, with a range of colors and shapes available. When designing and manufacturing small architectural elements, it is especially important that they integrate harmoniously into the surrounding environment and complement it, emphasizing the architectural uniqueness of the house or other object.

Our goal is to provide Scandinavian quality and extremely prompt results for each customer. We strive to use durable and environmentally friendly materials that are resistant to adverse external factors for all our products.

These products are:
  • Universal;
  • Easily adaptable to different projects;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Produced promptly.

Flower pavilion

Individual request from the client to design and produce a flower pavilion with a carport.
Number of rooms - 1
Delivery time - 2 months

Sauna house

The high-quality semi-circular sauna house will decorate your yard and you will be able to enjoy the heat of a sauna and a pleasant smell of pine wood. The beneficial properties of pine will soothe and inspire for a new day. The solid construction of the sauna allows you to easily build it to your desired location. This sauna house does not require building permits. It is a long lasting investment for your rest.
Delivery time - 3-4 weeks


Logi Prefab, with 15 years of experience in the construction sector, aims to use its know-how to renovate garden houses with an exclusive and long-lasting design. Modern architecture, minimalist style garden house that will accommodate everything you need! We can deliver fully equipped or with partial finishing. The peace begins with the purchase, as no building permits are required for this house. This 13 m² unit has a living room with a kitchen, a bedroom and a separate bathroom (WC + shower). You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air on the 5 m² terrace. Dimensions of the house: length - 10 m (with terrace), width - 2.5 m, height - 2.8 m (internal - 2.5 m). The layout of the garden house may vary according to your wishes. Maybe you want a modern design sauna house? Or a work office you can have in your backyard? Don't worry! Everything is possible! A modern interior can be created by students pursuing a design internship. If you already have your own vision, we can help you realize it!
Area - 13 m2
Delivery time - 3-4 weeks
Price - from 1199€/m² Eur

Outside storage

We strive for the highest result and seeing a happy customer motivates us to move on! This little project can be in your backyard in 2 weeks. The dimensions are selected according to the customer's wishes. Your pantry can be individual! The materials used are selected to offer the best price-quality ratio. By assembling at the factory, we maintain the quality of these materials, so durability is guaranteed. The storage room will accommodate your garden tools, bicycles, if necessary we can install electrical installation, the possibility of connecting a carport.
Delivery time - 2 weeks
Price - 3499 Eur