We make your dreams come true

Logi Prefab is a Lithuanian and Norwegian capital company that manufactures and builds panel-frame, modular houses and wooden frame panels. Our years of experience and valuable accumulated knowledge in the Scandinavian market enable us to build high-quality and long-lasting structures. Our company’s team consists of competent professionals who know their job well.


We work with private sector customers and the public and commercial sectors. We build private residential houses, private home settlements, small architectural and other buildings. We focus on creating buildings with stylish expression and modern architecture, integrated with the latest technologies.


Every house designed by Logi Prefab adheres to high standards of sustainability – our house frame is made of wood, and during the repair, renovation or disposal of the house, demolition waste can be reused, thus promoting the circular economy.


Building a frame house is easier than ever. Prefabricated houses can be made turnkey and assembled in 1-2 days on average.

We invite you to create your dream house together

We develop and nurture the traditions of modern and high quality construction.
finished projects
years of experience

Logi Prefab house construction takes just 12-16 weeks from first sketch to turnkey!

Company’s values

Professional team
An experienced and qualified team that implements each project responsibly and with great precision.
Using the most advanced technologies, we aim to produce and build housing that meets the highest standards.
Quality materials
We create cozy and stylish homes using only the most carefully selected high quality materials.
Special focus on sustainability and ecology. Environmentally friendly architecture that shapes the forms of our buildings.
Fast construction of a modular panel-frame house that meets the expectations of today’s customer.
Customer trust
In cooperation with the customer, we strive to create a relationship based on mutual trust, to ensure the development of successful projects.

Scandinavian experience

We have been successfully established in the Norwegian market for many years. Scandinavian houses, Norwegian modular houses are valued today for their quality solutions, sustainability and aesthetics. Our goal is to convey and nurture these traditions, to create exclusive, functional and stylish projects for private customers and real estate developers.