Modular houses

Modular houses are recognized in the market for their innovative technology – they are built from separate, pre-assembled and almost fully equipped modules. When building a modular house, both complex architectural projects and simpler ones that do not require complex solutions are implemented. The modular house is connected from separate modules, with technological properties that enable quick adjustment of the area and size of the house (for example, by adding additional modules). This is especially relevant when building a mobile modular house, which is planned to be installed on the shore of the lake or in another non-standard place.

Construction of this type of house is as fast as a panel-frame house. This method of construction shortens the construction time and ensures high quality. How is the construction process going? First we prepare the project of the house, then we produce the modules in the factory, later the modules ready for construction are delivered to the construction site and once operatively connected, finishing is done. The whole construction process takes 12 to 16 weeks. Meanwhile, traditional construction sometimes takes years.

Logi Prefab modular houses stand out for their high quality and sustainability. The manufacturer has been established in the Norwegian market for many years and seeks to nurture Scandinavian quality traditions when creating home projects. We are also ecologically focused – our house frame is made of wood, and demolition waste can be recycled during repair, renovation or disposal of the house,.

Modular house projects:
  • Prompt assembly;
  • Rational production process;
  • Scandinavian quality;
  • Flexibility and mobility;
  • Ecology.
Modular houses. Price

Logi Prefab modular houses with full prices are presented in the project estimate. The price of each project depends on the individual wishes of the customer, the chosen materials, the type of finish. Contact us to find out more or estimate the price of the house. We work with both private customers and real estate developers

Modular house Dalabukta 2

It's a two-storey house, designed for a single family, manufactured from wooden frame modules. A house has a garage, roof terrace and winter garden.
Area - 223,4 m2
Number of rooms - 5
Delivery time - 5 months

Modular house Ormtunga

It's a blocked apartments house consisting of three separate apartments.
Area - 75,0 m2
Number of rooms - 3
Delivery time - 5 months